National validation workshop –Timisoara, Romania-E5

On 27.10.2016 the multiplier event National Validation Workshop (E5) of the IDECOM project took place at Hotel Angellis-Timisoara. The hosting organization was Penitenciarul Timisoara and the partners Universitatea de Vest and Centrul pentru Promovarea Invățării Permanente Timisoara provided support. At the workshop 16 representatives of public institutions and organizations interested in field of staff training attended. The aim of the event was to multiply the project products and obtain the feedback from key experts and stakeholders at national level regarding the outputs produced. During the workshop the project was presented and the intellectual outputs O1- ”Staff training need analysis”, O3-”Training course curriculum and program: Develop prison staffs’ innovation”,O4- “Entrepreneurship for prison staff- training course curriculum and program,O5- “Communication, ICT and teamwork competencies in prison- training courses curriculum and program contents” were displayed. The results were presented and the impact of the IDECOM project implementation. After these presentations, the participants discussed about opportunities for exploitation of these intellectual outputs. The participants were involved in the validation these results. They focused on outputs features, format, contents and also on all qualitative indicators. According to the results of the validation the participants considered that the intellectual outputs presented have a high quality.