Multiplier event E1 – IDECOM – Timisoara

Multiplier Event in Timisoara, Romania


The first multiplier event E1-National Seminar Romania ”Prison Staff Training Needs” of the project “Innovation, Development and Communication for a better education in Prison System” (IDECOM) took place in 29-th October 2015 in Timișoara Prison.


The project IDECOM is a strategic partnership in the field of adult education, funded by the European Union, under the Erasmus+ program. The strategic partnership includes eight partners from five countries. The project applicant is Timisoara Penitentiary from Romania.seminar_1

The other project partners are:

-Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente, Romania;



– Qualify Just – IT Solutions and Consulting, Portugal;

– European Organisation of Prison and Correctional Services (EuroPris);

– Department of Penitentiary Institutions, Moldova;

– General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses, Turkey;


The project’s aim is development and implementation of new educational methods for training the prison staff in transversal skills like: communication, ITC, teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurship.


The purpose of the event was to promote the project and engage key stakeholders and experts. Besides presenting the project background, objectives and timeline, the focus was on presentation of the first intellectual output that was developed”STAFF TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS”. This study is a document comparing prison staff self assessment on the competences addressed by the project: innovation, entrepreneurship, communication, teamwork and ICT. The participants had the opportunity to contribute also at developing the new curriculum of training courses for prison staff “Develop prison staffs’ innovation”, “Entrepreneurship for prison staff” and “Communication, ICT and teamwork competencies in prison”.

The hosting organization was Timisoara Penitentiary together with partners Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente Timisoara, and West University of Timișoara. In total were 45 participants, representatives of the National Administrations of Penitentiaries and of penitentiaries from Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, other experts and representatives of project partnership.

The feedback offered by participants was also valuable for project partners for the future in developments of the new training curriculum courses for prison staff.