Innovation training course – Timisoara

Within the Project”Innovation, Development and Communication for a better education in Prison System” – 2014-1-RO01-KA204-002936 (IDECOM), financed by ERASMUS+ has started the national training courses: “Develop prison staffs’ innovation. In this context in 21.04.2016 in Timisoara Penitentiary, Romania, the 12 selected employees from different prison departments (guards, administrative and social reintegration staff) learned together how to develop their innovative skills. Trainees will acquire knowledge online using the Learning Management Platform developed by project partner Innovative Prison Systems and also in class under the coordination of trainers from Timisoara Penitentiary. During the training sessions they will share information among transnational peers (communities of practice), create pilot actions (work-based assignments) to apply acquired knowledge and be coached in pilot action implementation. The course will include the short-term transnational training event.