International Seminar – Romania (E4)

On the 5-th of July 2017, in Timisoara, the E4 event, representing the final seminar of the IDECOM project took place at Hotel Continental. Timisoara Penitentiary was the proud host of the activity, alongside the project partners CPIP, Romania, Department of Penitentiary Institutions, Republic of Moldova, West University Timisoara, Romania, IPS – Innovative Prison Systems, Portugal, Universidade da Beira Interior, Portugal, National Administration of Prisons and Detention Houses, Turkey.
During the seminar the project partner’s representatives had the opportunity to present the results after 3 years of intensive labor. The most important outputs were fully presented. Important topics were approached such as: prison education, transversal skills-innovation, entrepreneurship, ITC, communication and teamwork for prison staff, and the intellectual products created within the consortium during the project in these fields.
The audience was a diverse one, with representatives of the most important institutions in Timisoara, NGOs and international participants from the National Administration of Penitentiaries Serbia, Hungary and Croatia.
It was a successful project carried on by a wonderful team whose noble goals were achieved.